Last Believer EP

by ∂αρнηє

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released August 26, 2016


Daphne’s debut record Last Believer was written and composed by Jordan A. Martin in her hometown of Columbus, OH. The following poem should operate as both a description of and a companion to the record:

“a total beTween ~
an orchid blooms on youtube ;)
~ I die a lesbian . . .”

Written and composed by Jordan Martin
Guitar and Voice by Jordan Martin
Sivan Silver-Shwartz on bass
Sheena McGrath on Drums
Henny Ross on Sax
Recorded by Shane Natalie at Gut Genug
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle Tucker
Cover Art by Jayla Patton



all rights reserved


∂αρнηє Brooklyn, New York

<3 <3 <3 <3 ∂αρнηє/STRFCKR is a music project by Jordan Martin & various friends. The setup of the band changes regularly.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Track Name: All in All
All in all
I'd like to meet you
Know you already
I know you ride out
you get me
seen you before
and, woh, like a matchstick
you light me up
and, woh,
I'm part of it

It seems so lucky to be lucky anytime yes and anytime you'll tell me when it's over and I'll come down to you anytime yes and anytime

When I come down will I like you?

Track Name: Carry (The *Audience*)
With your back turned you don't bite.
Mountain scape. Slight adjust.
The *Audience* you move.

I could trace you.
How did I make you?

Carry the carry. Go on and be.
Stay stay stay. Stay on to

Ah na na.

You don't bite.
Ask me why!
The *audience*.
Your move.
Track Name: Last Believer
The work was living all the old time out. Where'd it go? Gone away from me..
I'll take your money just to reach my mind. Where'd it go? Gone away from me . . .

Was it just a still to keep me falling? Right . . .
It's a lonely night. Seen your face. I know it well.
From heaven. Up up high?
Is it just a still to keep me falling

as you work in L.A., boy?

Watch the fire bring me back!
Some cool water. Some attack!

In this town of crooks, Hope & Hell.
O, who can tell what's heaven?
Up up high?

Let me be the still that keeps you falling, right?
Track Name: Alice
Coordinate me on a line, pleased.
Then, as for shelter, we'll find Alice.
As for home-ing, too.

Exaggerate me all in time, here.
You'll recognize me. Find me Alice.
Raise to shout me back too.

You'll call me back!
I won't be proud.
And anyway, I'll nevermind
the trial you'll want to plead for forgiveness
& beg me/bed me. Whatever you ask, I'll try because I want you.
You'll undress! That's what you need, too.

Isolate me, alright.
Or forgive me.
Track Name: Shiner
You've got a shiner on you now.
It's too late now to go to bed

& talk right to me.
Let me go to fullscreen.
Reach under my binding.
Do we have an audience to abide by?

& this time I'll exalt you 'bout a poem a year.
In the New Year, I'll match faces to the figures in the mirror.

Something to talk about.
Something to see.

You'll write a letter on my back.
You know me well.
I'm right here.
Track Name: Crooner
All you've gotta do is make me a happy man...

Just to stand. Just to barely breath.
There you are. You just might.

You're a crooner.
Get down in my hand.
You're a loser.
I'm your greatest fan.

Don't you wanna know me?

See it!