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Hey Friends! Please Buy & Donate! As always, I'm a lil artist out here deeply trying to make rent! Releasing these songs as a cute way to make some $$$$$ Soooooo *gas me up!!!* as they say . . . <3


released July 21, 2017

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Written, Composed, & Performed (Guitar & Vox) by Jordan Martin
Co-Produced by Jordan Martin & Ben Beckett
EP Track Art by Adam Oaky

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∂αρнηє Brooklyn, New York

<3 <3 <3 <3 ∂αρнηє/STRFCKR is a music project by Jordan Martin & various friends. The setup of the band changes regularly.
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Track Name: Baby Blue
What a cause you’ve made God . . .
You don’t know your makeup as I do
in your houndstooth.

I’m a sin made of love
& I’ve fucked & I’ve sucked;
been lied to
by your ivory suit.

I’m not in love! I’m going home!
You left your nightstick on the table
& your telephone . . .
I’m giving up on giving!
I guess I’ll just keep living!

Give it a rest!
You’re no angel!
I’ll take my nest & I’ll be

out on the open . . .
I’m too soft spoken . . .

Give it a rest!
I’m no angel!
& I won’t stand for this!

Track Name: *Like*

I’m your good girl
I’m your bad girl

Won’t you tell me you like me all the time

& the bevy of meaning stings
cause you’re here in the audience
& you never lost meaning

*but, you’re only your ambience

& i don’t want to hate you
i’m only trying to break you
cause i don’t want to control you
i only want to show you

some sign i don’t mind your mind
out here where we both could die
real love can get redefined

I’m your fucker
&, on the record,
you’ve got your back turned
as I’m turning black

i’m turning grey
I’m on the line
all the time

& the devil in meaning stings (oh no)
its so clear in the audience (oh no)
you don’t ever lose meaning (oh no)

*cause you never lose ambience