songs on guitar

by ∂αρнηє

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released February 5, 2017

Jordan Martin on guitar and vox
co-recorded & mixed by Alex Paquet & Jordan Martin
Produced by Jordan Martin



all rights reserved


∂αρнηє Brooklyn, New York

<3 <3 <3 <3 ∂αρнηє/STRFCKR is a music project by Jordan Martin & various friends. The setup of the band changes regularly.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Track Name: <3
& let me tell you something
you've got all the luck
when you get up
i'll know who you own
we'll grow older
take it back
anyway at all
got to say it
who stands by
wont stand by
o, stand back
you can't take me anywhere . . .

Track Name: demeter
told you i'd be here right?
told you I'd be here.

to meet her.
to see her ride.
to see her ride.

there was a love i could hold
through my years but she wasn't good enough
there was a love i could hold
back from tears but he wasn't good enough . . .

Track Name: hi!
I'll waste yr time.
knife in my pocket.
that simple line &
that simple object.
I start to forget.

c'mon c'mon

If you can read it
then you can write it.
she doesn't care.
you never mind it.
that was for then.


Track Name: interlude
& I've made some mistakes since
when I look all around I look around
any patterns I've made since
where the way that you go
when you look around . . .
Track Name: taking yr time
I never said that I was lonely.
Never claimed I was your only.

But, damn, man
could catch any fate in his hands.

I was solo save for the party.
I saw the world premiere you right behind me.

& who
& you

Late @ nite, no surprise.
That yr body's changed.
Isolating, how have you
given all you can?

Taking yr time...

As I lay down to kiss somebody
&, if I'm still, I'm kind of charming

& oh
& so

Track Name: time is a mirror
& time is a mirror
coming on to me
& I'll never live it down
what it wants to see!

She said,0
"Go tell your friends."
I tell my friends.

It never works cause I'm so femme.
They don't listen cause I'm so femme.
Femme, femme, femme.

& The leaves
fall off the trees
to speak to me.
& I act like a
maître d'.
"You understand
the going fee?"
Fee? Fee? Fee.


(vocal noises)

Track Name: wasted
See? It's calm tonight.
The sun is calming down.
I know the way I'll die today.

I'll slide right out of my life.

The man he told me, "Son,
look out! She's got a gun!"
I edged away the come what may . . .


She made a bet to walk right out the door.
She made her bed & walked right out the door.
She knew the way but she couldn't be sure
&, well, my love, what are you waiting for?

When I was a younger girl I wasted all my time with you.
Now I am stranger in the mirror & I make out the fine tune fields
of time wasted.